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Here's the buzz from those who have journeyed with us around the world! 

Client Testimonials

Senior Director, Corporate Sales ​

“We find Ressie’s professionalism and attention to detail to be unmatched by any of our previous partners. They have become an integral part of our revenue growth strategy from year to year. That is the one area in which they separate themselves from competitors; no other travel professionals have been as dedicated to the ROI model that we need. The programs have been amazing with regard to lodging, dining and that extra day to day hand holding that is so important to our clients.” 



"As always, the attention to detail and that feeling of being "spoiled" was clearly accomplished. I felt that way and I didn't win anything! Thanks again for your partnership."


Senior Leadership

"Great job Ressie. You made a fan out of several of us whom have been loyalist to another firm.Very impressed with you and your work."


Director of Sales

"You are even better at your job than I imagined. Tremendous job. Thank you for making the trip so great."



"We selected your team for our advertiser incentive program after a thorough RFP process. From consult to presentation to unique recommendations on itinerary, they were a stand out from the beginning. The preplanning was organized and all of our attendees felt their service was top notch. And finally our trip to Paris was planned and executed to perfection; excursions were well thought out for those who may have already been to Paris and for those first timers; We had ample organized activities as well as relaxation for those who just wanted to enjoy the city. Recommendations on restaurants were excellent and all of our groups needs were handled professionally and with great ease. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the special touches Ressie and her team provided."


General Manager

"I think I speak for all of us and all our clients who went on this trip when I say you did an absolutely incredible job of putting this trip together and making it an unbelievable experience no one will ever forget. Our clients raved all week long and I can’t count the number of times our clients said this was the best incentive trip they’ve ever been on. These people became not only our business partners, but our friends. Thank you for being so good at what you do."

Participant Testimonials

"Relationships are what create successful partnerships in business. Hoopla Travel understands how to orchestrate a week's worth of activities into a very mindful schedule to allow for clients to have fun and really feel like they are on the best vacation of their lives."

"Hoopla did a great job on our trip to Spain. We got to experience the vibe of the cities and lots of pampered luxury. Ressie and Allison really take care of their guests and are on the ball the entire trip. I would work with them over and over again!"

"I've become accustomed to high end business trips with a Fortune 100 Company but nothing like the trip we just experienced with Hoopla.  From the pre-trip communications to the airport drop off every detail was thought of and executed with exceptional quality. To say that we feel appreciated is an understatement. If you're serious about wanting your clients to feel like the most important thing in the world I would give Hoopla a call."

"If you need a memorable trip, this is the only group to travel with.  The smile lasts long after the flight home. "

"There is not a detail that escapes Ressie and her team.  They truly think of everything and are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make your trip amazing. "

"I just wanted to thank you so very much for such a “once in a lifetime trip”. You truly had every single detail figured out and arranged amazing experiences throughout the week. I know that you and your team worked so hard to put together the trip and I wanted you to know it was very much appreciated. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to meet you on this trip and hope I get to see you sometime soon."

"Ressie Barrett was a rock star on site…..going the extra mile time after time over the course of the few days in Mayakoba not only for us but so many I personally saw her interact with…and she remembered detailed conversations from a day or two before and picked up on the conversation like it had just taken place within the hour …..great listener. You often go on trips with a site coordinator and team and they give the impression they can’t wait for the event to conclude…..quite the opposite from the entire team….and most especially Ressie."


"Ressie and McKenna are top notch. They have the best personalities for this job. They truly made this experience a 10/10."

"This was a great experience! Ressie and Allison go above and beyond to make sure their clients are well-taken care of from beginning to end. Thank you for your professionalism and for keeping our group together for an amazing trip in Mexico! Well done ladies! Phenomenal. It was really an amazing experience. You all did a fantastic job."

"Each day we didn't know how it could top the day before but it did! The trip was over the top!!! We loved our ATV excursion, the group excursion, our dinners together, our nightly surprises and pretty much everything else."

“This events team put together a flawless execution of a wonderful weekend event. The attention to little details and special touches made this truly a memorable time.” 

"Hoopla is a great company to work with. With a very short notice from us the agency was able to turn a chaotic two week notice into a very organized 6 trip day trip. With how smooth the whole trip was and with how much fun was had I can only imagine what they can do with plenty of notice. The travel agent on the trip, McKenna, was very prompt with all events and wrangling us together. I’m sure they were very busy and stressed the whole time but it allowed us to feel relaxed the entire vacation. Would highly recommend!"

“Hvar and Dubrovnik were both spectacular in their beauty and history. The water! The people we traveled with!!!! The itinerary of travel and activities, the VW drive, the daily gifts with thoughts. We cannot think of one thing that wasn't really special. We loved everything about the trip, but said to each other ‘We'd love to go back, but it would never be the same’. We couldn't duplicate it! And, of course, Ressie to keep us all organized. She is the best.”

"Seamless perfection and orchestration of creating a lifetime of memories. Each moment was filled with adventure, wonderment and feeling like a local. Our guides felt more like old friends, someone you definitely want to keep in touch with."


"Our group trip to Ireland was hands down one of the best trips I've ever been on. These ladies are pros at planning and there was zero stress on our end while attending. We felt totally spoiled and appreciated all the attention to detail and small gestures to make us truly enjoy ourselves. We had the opportunities to experience the hearts of the cities we visited and felt like we walked away with the best memories and appreciation for Ireland and their hospitality."


"Ressie and Allison bring an amazing and professional service to our incentive trips.  Last year to Los Cabos and this year to The Big Island of Hawaii.  Ressie and Allison come on the trip to be available to guide the function/activities, supply us with tons of fun and make the trip fabulous! "

"Ressie & McKenna are fantastic hosts and truly knew how to keep our trip running smoothly and filled with special moments. Would absolutely trust them to plan a future trip and I hope that we utilize them for future CI events."


"Hoopla Travel took care of everything! All of the pre-trip communication was so much fun getting us excited about what was to come. The planning of events and excursions was well organized and Ressie & McKenna were there our entire trip to help our group. Travel made easy and fun with Hoopla! Loved their entertainment ideas and band. We had a blast!"


"Hoopla Travel was amazing.  Always there to help and answer any questions we had.  I would recommend this company to anyone who would listen!"

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